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I was the kid who wrote ten long pages when the teacher assigned me to write a paragraph. I remember her, Miss Louw, my third-grade teacher. She encouraged me to write, but then I stopped writing altogether. Why?  Because high school took the fun out of it. The freedom I experienced as a writer dwindled as I turned into a robotic essay-writer.

I matriculated in South Africa and went to the University of Stellenbosch. I studied BSc Food Science with Chemistry. I was a Golden Key Student, but writing factual reports became tedious. I wanted more – I wanted that writer to surface. I dropped out of University, which was a huge disappointment to many.

When I moved to Seattle, I felt the time was right. I spoke English for six months on end – a personal record.

My debut novel: Give it BackIt’s not a job – this is my passion.

GiveitBack_cover_3DMockup the one
Give It Back by Danielle Esplin – Available March 2017

Singer & Dancer

I love to dance and sing. I have my South African (Protea) Colors in Drum Majorettes (dancing with props – almost like cheerleading) and participated in the World Championships in Texas (2007). I also participated in the World Championships in Germany 2010 in a Hip Hop competition (2010) with my team Basic Black. Here’s a video of Basic Black before Finals in Vegas:


As a child, I did modeling work in Cape Town, South Africa. Unfortunately, it became quite time-consuming and expensive to travel to the city every time I had an audition. I never made the transition to an Adult Modeling Agency. I was too busy with my studies at Stellenbosch University, and the drive would’ve been even farther. However, I do get bookings by independent photographers or companies via social media and I’m currently considering to join a modeling agency in America.


Beauty & Style Enthusiast



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